Remember Grumpy Cat, the grumpy yet adorable feline with a perpetual look of disdain on her face? She’s still rocking her charming frown, but she might be deepening her frown when she realizes that there’s a new cat on the block climbing the ranks of the Internet feline hall of fame.

Prepare to get judged by the piercing eyes of Albert, the very fuzzy cat with a very severe gaze!

▼ Could Grumpy Cat have predicted the appearance of a new contender?

Known as Pompous Albert (pompous.albert) on Instagram, this new Internet feline squeeze is a Selkirk Rex, a breed known for its characteristic thick, curly, wool-like coat. Named after Albert Einstein, perhaps because of his grey frizzed out hair, it is said that Pompous Albert was a rejected show cat, but as far as photographs are concerned, he’s putting on quite the show if you ask us!

While Grumpy Cat (whose actual name is Tardar Sauce) looks, well, grumpy, Albert seems to wear a permanent scowl on his face. He sometimes even looks as if he’s ready to tear through your face if you fail to bow or curtsey as you cross his path.

▼ You definitely wouldn’t want to step on this cat’s tail.

Monday's got nothin' on me. @sagebrushfineart @alberttailsfromtheoffice

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▼ When Albert had wilder hair.

Haircut tomorrow. I don't want to talk about it. @sagebrushfineart @alberttailsfromtheoffice

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Standard face 😑

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They call it #permascowl

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Tipi time is my favorite time. 😺 @sagebrushfineart @alberttailsfromtheoffice

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8:05 am like I don't even care.

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▼ He’s judging you all right.

Your weekend plans sound positively riveting. #pompousalbert

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▼ Just when you’re convinced that he’s evil, he appears to be such an angelic little lamb.

Sure is cold without the fluff. @sagebrushfineart @alberttailsfromtheoffice

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Grumpy cats, angry cats and cats with giant eyes that will eat your soul…this has to be some sort of feline conspiracy to take over the world! Just imagine, if they combined forces and procreated, Albert and Tardar Sauce would possibly produce the world’s most intimidating, grouchy, yet adorable little kittens. Code red for the human race!

Pompous Albert has only been around on Instagram since earlier this year, but he has been steadily gaining followers among cat lovers keen to get a dose of his fervent stare. Hop over to Instagram to join his rapidly expanding fanbase!

Source/Image: Instagram (pompous.albert) via Game Over