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With some animals, their cuteness is debatable. For example, a segment of the population in Japan can’t seem to get enough of the giant isopod, while others can’t get far enough away from the gigantic deep sea bugs. Frogs, too, depending on who you ask, are either adorable or gross.

But there seems to be a consensus that penguins definitely fall into the cute category, what with the silly aura of their formalwear-like appearance and waddling movements. Really, ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a penguin that didn’t make you smile?

And then ask yourself, when was the last time you looked into a penguin’s terrifying, terrifying mouth?

The Enoshima Aquarium is the largest marine life facility in Kanagawa Prefecture. Aside from dolphins, sea turtles, and jellyfish, visitors can also observe the aquarium’s penguins. Ordinarily, they’re pretty adorable, as you can see in the short video below.

Cute, huh? Seeing them scamper around like that is probably enough to convince you that those little guys look sweet from any angle.

Except this one.

At the start of the video, uploaded by the Enoshima Aquarium itself, we see a penguin standing patiently next to the feed bucket, ready for the handler to serve him his meal.

▼ Hey, buddy! Got a rumbling in your little tummy?

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He gulps down one morsel after another, and for those of us watching the little guy in profile, this is still a pretty heartwarming scene.

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However, the aquarium worker then decides to show us the penguin like we’ve never seen one before. Taking a firm hold of the upper and lower halves of its beak, he pulls them open, and…

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We’re not sure if the handler’s reason for doing this is to check on the animal’s oral health, or simply to scare everyone watching spitless. Either way, the grainy, slow-motion footage of the penguin devouring a fish that the video goes out on takes on an ominous air once you’ve seen the inside of the bird’s mouth. We’re starting to suspect that the aquarium employees’ mealtime generosity is at least partially motivated by the fear that if it gets hungry enough, the penguin might turn on them.

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Source: Labaq
Images: YouTube