Blasius Lavrentiev, a sheep farmer in the village of Chirka, Dagestan received a surprise when his ewe gave birth to a one-of-a-kind bundle of surliness. As you can plainly see this young lamb appears to have been given the face of an angry, cartoonish old man.

This anomaly was actually something of a letdown for the 45-year-old who was really looking forward to selling it for some much-needed money. However, it remains to be seen whether anyone would be interested in purchasing the unnamed lamb whom we shall call Lil’ Getoffmylawnikins.

The cheekbones and jawline are remarkably human-like for a genetic fluke, and you can probably already expect what most people’s immediate reactions to a human-faced sheep would be.

“Looks like the farmer has some explaining to do.”
“Some cold nights [in Russia] I hear.”
“Someone did it with a sheep!”
“Call it Yokai Prince.”

I’m no geneticist but it does seem more likely that this is a case of a birth deformity rather than human-sheep copulation producing anything more that a pile of mismatched chromosomes. Sure stranger things have happened (not many mind you) but it seems highly unlikely and such rumors don’t do much to help the social lives of the little lamb or its owner anyway.

Poor little guy…we can always hope it actually has that Benjamin Button condition and will grow up to look like Brad Pitt and become a war hero while having a strained love affair with some dancer.

Source: Yurukuyaru (Japanese)
Video & Images: YouTube – Republic of Dagestan