In 1984, a group of transforming metal robots from Japan took the world by storm and spawned a global franchise of comic books, TV shows and blockbuster Hollywood movies. Recently, they added another notch to their post by celebrating 30 years of cool, shape-shifting abilities in the form of a mesmerising 3-D pop-up book, created by Matthew Reinhart.

Japanese netizens are currently swooning over the book for a number of reasons, and the big drawcard is Optimus Prime, whose massive form appears at the pull of a tab, towering over the book in all his glory. See the big guy with his pals and foes in action after the jump.

The book, called “Transformers: the Ultimate Pop up Universe”, features a number of exciting transformations, including Bumblebee, above, and the Decepticon informant Soundwave, below.

▼ Soundwave keeps the humble cassette tape alive


▼ This sexy gathering of tank, sportscar and motorbike pops out to reveal an even sexier gathering of Autobot Scouts


▼ All the action is captured in the sweeping battleground scene below


▼ Autobot and Decepticon symbols appear at the touch of a push-and-pull tab


▼ Dinobot Grimlock!


▼ For a sneak-peek of the action featured in the video below, check out Megatron in disguise


▼ And Megatron’s mortal enemy, Optimus Prime, is resplendent before his impressive transformation


Take a journey through the ultimate pop-up universe below. Which transformation is your favourite?

Source: ITmedia
Images via YouTube