Bakeneko are a type of Japanese feline folklore monster (yokai) that are said to be able to transform themselves from cats into women for devious purposes. We always thought it was just a load of hokum, but now stunning new pictures have emerged of a cat actually in the process of this transformation!

Okay, so someone’s just put a wig on their cat for a Twitter photo opportunity, but it’s still totally cute!

The adorable snaps were uploaded by Twitter user PlasterStar999, who claims that her cat was practically asking for it:

▲ “My kitty kept pulling this doll’s wig out of the cabinet and chewing on it and I got sick of putting it away every time, so I tried making them wear it.”

▼ We think kitty looks just purr-fect!

▲ “Not bad, not bad.”

▼ But kitty seems to think that blondes have more fun, because they rejected pretty strongly to the luscious redhead wig their owner tried next.

▲ “I tried the other wig on kitty but kitty didn’t like it.”

▼ “Die, wig!”

We think kitty looks like a total glamour-puss in either of the wigs! The tweets certainly gained a lot of positive attention online:

“What a beauty!”

Meow cute is that?!”

“Just like a beautiful woman…”

“She’s a lady!”

“Even cats can turn themselves into beauties these days…”

“Kitty doesn’t look too happy…”

If you’ve exhausted the scrunchie collar, the Egyptian collar, and the stacking method, and are now in search of new and novel ways to embarrass your pet, why not try popping a doll’s wig on their head? Who knows, they might even turn into the guy or girl of your dreams…

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter @PlasterStar999