Who doesn’t love a cute desk calendar? An adorable picture of a kitten or your favorite cartoon character can really brighten up the place. Plus, lots of companies in Japan give them away as free gifts to customers, so you don’t even need to buy one most of the time.

Of course, if you get it for free, you can’t really complain about the quality, as one net user discovered when he flipped to April earlier this week. Notice anything strange about the illustration of Pooh above?

Here’s a closer look.


Jesus, there’s an extra arm in there!

Twitter user @mn7nn posted this photo yesterday, where it was quickly shared over 11,000 times as of writing. It seems the ghostly arm ominously cuddling Pooh hit a nerve among his fans.

“It’s like one of those spirit photographs.”
“What? Pooh’s not scary. … OMG, POOH HAS THREE ARMS! What the…?!”

“Arrrrgh, I have PTSD (Pooh Traumatic Stress Disorder) now. It’s too horrible!”

Of course, it’s clearly meant to be Tigger’s other arm and the color was just added wrong, but as commenter pointed out isn’t it even creepier to think that Tigger is walking around with one Pooh-colored glove?

Oh, Internet. Never change.

Image: @mn7nn
H/T: Hamster Sokuhou