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Ah, the Japanese fan dance. In popular culture, its staid connections to Noh and Kabuki theater are put aside in favor of something more risque. Usually it’s a coy geisha slowly using her fans to seductively cover and reveal her face and body. But just as more businesses are capitalizing on male sex appeal these days, the modern Japanese fan dance has a hot, sweaty man version too.

This may have started with the Japanese musician and provocateur DJ Ozma, who famously earned a lifetime ban from national broadcaster NHK after his first appearance featured dancers in skin-colored leotards painted to look like naked bodies. His 2008 song DRINKIN’BOYS featured a group of naked male dancers using strategically placed fans.

Recently, this buck-naked masculine fan dance seems to be making headway overseas.

▼This Swedish quartet have substituted fans for some kind of bread, but you get the gist.

▼Not to be outdone, the Greeks bring the buff.

Now it seems even schools are getting in on the action, with a video recently posted to the Gachi Muchi YouTube channel entitled Prom Naked Fan Dance Parody. It’s not clear where the school is, but wherever it was, the audience clearly could not get enough of these fan dancers.

I say bravo! It’s nice to see some body-positive, lighthearted fun. And if I get to see some hot naked dudes in the process, so much the better. Amirite, ladies and gents?!

By the way, if you were wondering, this is what traditional fan dancing looks like.

Not quite the same, is it?

Top: Gachi Muchi
H/T: GenXY