Ever wanted to dress up as a sexy anime lady but not had the courage or skills? Now you can do it in the simplest of ways, and what’s more you can hide it underneath your regular clothes!

Recently there was a sort of Comiket-in-between-real-Comikets event held at Makuhari Messe on March 28-29 from 11am to 4pm. The event, called Comiket Special 6 -OTAKU SUMMIT 2015-, was attended by around 5,200 circles, and 67 companies participated. Unlike Comiket, purchase of a catalogue was required to enter.

Many doujinshi circles are made up of illustrators, and fans have their favourite circles who they will queue for hours for in order to get hold of some of their merch. This merch typically includes illustration books, posters, tapestries, and small goods such as keychains and so on. Browsing through the circles who would be attending, one particular item on sale caught our eye.

Illustrators Suzuya Ryohka (Suzuya Ryohka) and Hisutei (Izumi Tsubasa) have collaborated to bring otaku this tank top and boxers set, printed with a voluptuous anime woman’s body wearing cutesy underwear.

▼“Recommended for those who are reluctant about wearing women’s underwear.
This might be too ridiculous so we didn’t have the confidence to make too many.”


And for another 3,000 yen you can also get this matching tank top printed with shiny, gravity-defying cleavage.


As we’ve talked about before, dressing up as women is something enjoyed by a portion of the otaku community, referred to as otoko no ko, and this could be a first step for guys nervous about making the leap to real bras and panties.

▼”Your transformation into a lovely lady will be complete with these boxer shorts I’ve produced with Suzuya-san. We’ll be waiting for you courageous souls at Comiket Special.”

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Both illustrators have worked on high-profile eroge (erotic games), with Suzuya providing many of the illustrations for game company feng (Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi) and Hisutei doing work for Palette (Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki), so no matter how bizarre the products on offer I’m sure the fans were still lining up to buy them. It might be one of those things where, even though you’ve never considered something like it before, when you see it you just have to have it.

Below you can see all the goods they had on offer at the event.

Book, clear file, and bag set for 500 yen.
Boxer shorts 2,500 yen.


Latest book and bag set for 1,500 yen.
Blanket 4,000 yen. (Recognize that underwear?)
Phone pouch and keychain set 2,000 yen.
Tank top 3,000 yen.
Plus a free mask!


Source: Suzuya and Hisutei via Otakomu
Images: @ryohka_jp & @tsubasu_izumi on Twitter