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Some of anime’s most memorable scenes and settings would be impossible, or at least prohibitively expensive, to recreate in real life. As exciting as it would be for fans, no one’s actually going to send Evangelion’s Spear of Longinus to the moon, or construct a city-circling 50-meter (164-foot) protective wall from Attack on Titan.

But as impractical as those scenarios would be, the burgeoning slice-of-life genre is filled with locations that can be reproduced in minute detail, such as this Tokyo cosplay studio where you can snap photos in the home office in which much of anime Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun takes place.

The Haco Stadium cosplay complex has two major branches, one in Osaka and the other listed as “Tokyo,” although the latter is actually just over the border in Chiba Prefecture. Both have multiple floors filled with a wide variety of real-world and fantasy backdrops for taking cosplay photos, but as of this month, only Haco Stadium Tokyo has a special Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun room.

The anime, adapted from creator Izumi Tsubaki’s manga, is centered around Chiyo Sakura and Umetaro Nozaki, two teens who attend the same high school. Sakura has a crush on Nozaki, and in trying to get closer to him, ends up assisting him in his secret job as a girls’ manga artist. The production team for Let’s Fall in Love, the in-series manga Nozaki writes, regularly gathers in the teen artist’s home to do their work.

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As you can see, Tsubaki kept her design for the room firmly rooted in reality. Not only does this make the setting easy for readers to relate to, it makes it easy to recreate, which is just what Haco Stadium has done.

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As with all of Haco Stadium’s themed rooms, attendants can pose for pictures after making use of the facility’s dressing rooms. Unfortunately, Haco Stadium doesn’t provide costumes, but considering that the cast of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun is usually seen in such mundane things as dress shirts, blazers, and pleated skirts, it shouldn’t be too hard to throw your own costume together. Alternatively, since you’re supplying your own threads, you’re also free to dress up as characters from any other series for a little crossover photo shoot.

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In addition to having the same furniture and layout as in the anime, you’ll also find other little nods to the series in the provided props, which include back issues of Monthly Girls’ Romance, the fictional comic anthology in which Let’s Fall in Love is published.

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In addition, there’re manga-making art supplies strewn about the room, in case you want to step into the shoes of Nozaki and staff by pretending to struggle with the ins and outs of comic production.

▼ And also a prop PlayStation 3 if you want to pantomime blowing them off

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Haco Stadium Tokyo’s Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun room is available from now until June 30.

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