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What do you get when you have a group of intermediate/advanced English language students make a video about adjectives? You get “Wassabi Woman,” that’s what.

A video recently surfaced on YouTube that is putting to shame all of the group project videos any of us have ever made and is making English teachers around the world smile.

At first the video just seems weird, like, “this is dumb and is going to be painful to watch” weird, but then, just when you realize that it’s probably a project for an English class, it starts picking up.

▼ You’ll be glad if you stick around until the end.

We’re first introduced to Miki, who warns us, “Please, no jokes about Mickey Mouse. Don’t even think about it!” She’s actually a superhero named Wasabi Woman, but her costume is in the washing machine.

▼ Her jokes are consistently clever, plus desert dry.

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▼ She continues with her self-introduction by listing off her martial arts skills: A brown belt in karate, a black belt in judo and…

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She just keeps ’em coming! We actually missed this next one the first time around, there are just so many jokes we couldn’t keep up.

▼ After introducing us to her enemies: Kikkumi, Hitumi, Kissumi, and Sitonmi (all names that almost sound like they could be real Japanese names), she asks:

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▲ Really, it doesn’t make much sense, but it’s pretty funny!

It turns out these girls are after Miki’s English superpower and ability to use extreme adjectives. We agree, her English is pretty great, if not perfect, as shown by her reply, “You and who’s army?

▼ The response by Kikkumi, by the way, is probably the silliest word-play in the whole video…

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▲ …and they knew we’d cringe, so they threw in their own obligatory laugh.

Next we’re introduced to the army backing up the four evil sisters, the KO Gang, so named because all of their names end in “ko,” (another common ending in Japanese names).

▼ “Mexiko” has become the fan favorite.

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The scene culminates in a big fight where Wasabi Woman has to fend off the KO Gang by countering whatever adjective they throw at her with an extreme version.

▼ Such as, “I’m good…”

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▼ In the end, she “beat the s**t out of” her opponents with her great use of extreme adjectives.

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Needless to say, this video is wacky. Really wacky. But the use of common English phrases, one play on words after another, sarcasm and extreme adjectives is awesome. Sure, their pronunciation and intonation isn’t spot on, but if we were their teachers, we would be so proud! Apparently their teacher was proud too, or he wouldn’t have put it on YouTube in the first place.

The reception on the Internet has been very positive, with comments like:

“This video saved my life.”

“11/10. Would marry her.”

“Hilarious video, Wassabi Woman! Will there be a Wassabi Woman 2?”

I bet this group of kids never expected that their silly group project would go viral, but hey, those are usually the best videos, right? We wonder what’s up next for Wassabi Woman and her foes. Will their English lessons continue with a sequel using more complicated grammar? Until then, we’ll just watch this video on replay.

Source/Video/Images: YouTube (Greg Goodyer)