There’s a lot you can learn about your cat simply by paying attention to its body language. Tail up in the air and ears pricked? It’s happy to see you. Crouching down low with ears flat back? It’s probably scared. Hair standing on end and fangs bared? You might want to protect your jugular.

But even if you’re not a cat owner, we think you’ll be able to imagine how this particular kitty, who has just caught sight of a pride of lions on a TV documentary, is feeling when you get a look at his little face.

With a newly adopted – not to mention extremely clingy – cat of my own, I’ve taken to propping my iPad up in the far corner of my office and playing YouTube videos of birds feeding to distract her while I try to get some work done. She absolutely loves it, and will happily sit and watch for the best part of an hour before returning and trying to get back on my lap/keyboard/face.

At times, though, I feel sorry for her when, her eyes glued to the blackbirds pecking at seed in her favourite video, she peers behind the iPad to “pursue” one of them as it flies out of shot, then looks around the room and back at me with an expression of terrible confusion as the bird is nowhere to be found. It makes me wonder how much cats are able to differentiate between images on a screen and the real world.

Clearly this little kitty photographed in Japan is aware that he’s not in any immediate danger when watching a pride of lions in a wildlife documentary, but his expression is priceless nevertheless.

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▼ W…



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▼ F?

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Actually, we’re not entirely sure whether his actual thoughts are closer to “WTF is that!?” or “These are my people. I must return to the wild post-haste!” but that’s one heck of a stare. Either way, we wouldn’t be surprised if he turned up rocking a sweet mane of his very own the following day.

Source/images: Twitter h/t Hamusoku