Sometimes a story comes across your desk that is so wacko, you just sit and stare at it for ages trying to wrap your brain around it. That happened to me this morning when I saw that an unusual item at the built-to-order site was selling fast. That item? Hand-blown panty-wearing drinking glasses at a whopping 8,640 yen (US$72.12) a pop.

The glasses are the creation of Japanese artisan Yohei Ishii, who said, “Why panties? They are packed with associations. They aren’t something filthy, and if I had to boil it down to just two concepts, they would be nostalgia and a sense of naughtiness. For me, if you put those two things together perfectly, what you get is panties.”

Um. Okay. I like nostalgia and naughtiness as much as the next person, but I don’t really want to drink out of a severed torso. To each their own, I guess.



Ishii uses clear glass for the body, white for the panties, and adds a cute little bow in red. As one commenter creepily pointed out, that means you can find a beverage that matches the skin color you prefer. EWW.


The glasses are available in two limited batches. The first will ship in June and has already sold out. The second goes out in July and is on sale now, so you better move fast if you want one of these bawdy beakers to call your own.



Source: Dwango; H/T Netorabo
Images: Dwango