The characters and scenery of Studio Ghibli movies inspire all kinds of artwork by fans, from impressively detailed posters to super-minimalist art. Russian artist mr von ungarn has been delighting and perplexing Japanese netizens with his adorable, naive-style depictions of our favourite Ghibli characters. Check them out after the jump/

As one commenter pointed out, the images encapsulate the Japanese concept of heta-uma (unskillfully-skillful, or ‘so bad it’s good’). It’s this kind of faux-naivety, I think, that makes them so endearing and bewitching.

▼ ‘Mei and Corn’

bdd85a6c-s_zps0398ef36mr von ungarn

They’ve also been attracting attention for the slightly eccentric Japanese text in some of the images.

▼ “Want me to rip his throat out?” asks the wolf in this Princess Mononoke pic.

144bed92-s_zpse2b2a699mr von ungarn

▼ Yubaba 

yubaba_by_mr_von_ungarn-d76a4qjmr von ungarn

▼ ‘Porco Rosso’

porco_rosso_by_mr_von_ungarn-d6rqorp_zps71cc3a81mr von ungarn

▼ “Leave me to die!” yells Howl.

3e9a3805-s_zps3c14446d mr von ungarn

▼ ‘Pompoko’

1723753a-s_zpsbf07c63bmr von ungarn

▼ A delightfully grumpy Kurokawa from The Wind Rises.


mr von ungarn

▼ I just love the look on Kiki‘s face here.

kiki_by_mr_von_ungarn-d6w24vk_zps2c53abb5mr von ungarn

▼ Howl and Turnip

howl_and_turnip_by_mr_von_ungarn-d6s12or_zps3c6c3e8emr von ungarn

▼ Kamaji 

kamaji_by_mr_von_ungarn-d6vm2pu_zps4006d6a4mr von ungarn

▼ Howl Cooking

howl_cooking_by_mr_von_ungarn-d6y1wbu_zps94f02da1mr von ungarn

▼ I’ve saved my favourite till last – this characterful portrait of Sad Hayao Miyazaki.

sad_hayao_miyazaki_by_mr_von_ungarn-d5f7b1wmr von ungarn

For more of this talented artist’s work, check out his DeviantArt page, where we see he’s taking commissions! Perhaps we’ll order a portrait of Mr. Sato to brighten up our office walls this spring…

Source: mr von ungarn via Ghibli no Sekai
Featured image: mr von ungarn