All of you dedicated Mario lovers out there probably already know, but this year is apparently the 30th anniversary of what some might consider the most important video game ever: Super Mario Bros. Even if you don’t particular enjoy the game, you still have to admit that it’s certainly had a massive impact on the world of video games–and kept Nintendo solvent through so, so, so many sequels and variations.

Nintendo has put a site specifically celebrating the pearl anniversary of the mustachioed hero’s namesake game, but some Internet sleuths have discovered a secret lurking somewhere on the website! Check out the screenshot above to see if it has any hints, take a guess and then click below to see if you got it right…

Okay, maybe that was a bit misleading to tell you to look at the screen shot of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary website, since the secret isn’t actually visible anywhere on the site. You’ll actually have to look at the source code to find it! But once you do, this is what will greet you!

▼”I’m in your tubes, squashing your turtles.”

mario1Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary

And for a slightly larger version…

▼”It’s-a me, ASCII-art Mario!”

mario2Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary

Of course, Nintendo is hardly the first company to hide something in their source code. There are probably little secrets hidden all over the Internet, just waiting to be discovered. And it’s pretty easy to find them too. With Chrome, just press F12, and if you’re using Firefox, just right-click on a blank area of any website and click “View Page Source.”

If you’re wondering what else is out there, here are a few that we were able to dig up.

▼This symbol was found in the source code for the Kingdom Hearts 3 website.

kingdomheartsKingdom Hearts 3

▼These creepy images were found in the Lotte × HKT48 source code.

HKT2Lotte × HKT48

HKT1Lotte × HKT48

▼It’s a bit tame, but it seems that even Tumblr has secrets!


This one will require a bit of explanation. This is from the website First Step, which was aimed at increasing the number of voters in Japan. As you can see in the source code on the right, there’s a secret letter directed to either Kyari Pamyupamyu…or anyone who knows her. Apparently they wanted her to get involved with their campaign, since she had just turned 20 (the age you can start voting in Japan) and obviously has a lot of influence on other 20-year-olds. We’re guessing they never got an email from her…

kyariFirst Step

▼And, finally, a personal favorite, the pterodactyl from the Oatmeal.

oatmealThe Oatmeal

We bet there are a lot more source code secrets out there, so if you have to know of one, be sure to share in the comments. And don’t forget to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. on September 13!

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Images: Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary