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Does taking an eight-day vacation across Japan sound like a dream come true to you? Well then the first thing you should do is apply to have RocketNews24 make that dream actually come true.

The second thing you should do is watch the video recently posted by YouTube fashion vlogger Inthefrow which documents an eight-day vacation she and nine other bloggers were invited to go on. The best part of it all though: the exact trip they went on is available to anyone (even you!), and it’s good to have a backup plan just in case you don’t get picked in our own contest.

Contiki Tours invited 10 well-known bloggers on an eight-day tour of Japan. They were a group of travel, food and fitness bloggers, plus Inthefrow, a fashion blogger who recently uploaded a video showcasing their time spent in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, and more.

Here are some screenshots from the video: (Full video is below.)

▼ Meet Victoria, the fashion vlogger. She’s about to go on a very jealousy-inducing trip to Japan!

02 victoria

▼ She starts off with a visit to a shrine, and gets a bad fortune.
Welcome to Japan, Victoria!

03 fortune

▼ Things get bizarre pretty quickly at the “Robot Restaurant,” which ironically has very few robots and seems to be more of a theater than a restaurant.

04 robot restaurant

▼ All that excitement deserves some relaxation with a sushi-making outing.

05 sushi

▼ They can’t call themselves food bloggers if they don’t eat some delicious, black sulfur eggs cooked in hot springs while in Hakone.

06 sulfur eggs

▼ Taking the train to Nara and getting glares of disapproval from salarymen.

07 train

▼ Feeding the deer, something no trip to Japan is complete without.

08 deer

▼ And the same thing goes for playing some sort of ear-bleedingly loud pachinko/medal game.

09 pachinko

▼ Oh, did we mention the whole time she and the rest of the group were eating beautiful food like this?


▼ And this?

food 05

▼ Or having tasty snacks like this?

food 02

▼ And this?

food 03

▼ And–oh man I really should not have written this on an empty stomach.

food 04

Watch the full video here that has lots more details that can’t be covered in just a few screenshots:

If Victoria and the rest of the bloggers’ trip looks enticing to you, then check out Contiki’s tour packages to visit Japan. Considering all that you’re getting, the prices are very reasonable, and if you blog about your experience, then maybe you’ll get invited on tours with other internet celebrities too!

You can see more of Victoria on her YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter.

Source: YouTube via Kaigai no Hannou Blog, Contiki
Featured/top image: Twitter
Insert images: YouTube