His Royal Roundness, Maru, is one of the most famous cats in Japan, a country with no shortage of beloved feline stars, in part because of his extensive oeuvre. We’ve seen his majestic jumping, his moving efforts to squeeze his girth into tiny boxes, his awe-inspiring agility, and even his benevolent patience with lesser beings. Now Maru has taken the fashion world by storm with an upcycled frock and some serious attitude.

As with any Maru video, it only takes something even vaguely resembling a box for him to spring into action and as simple as that, he’s making a bold fashion statement. Behold!

The people of the world seem happy to get behind this sartorial trend, as approving comments rained in from countries near and far.

“That cat is a god-damned genius.”
“That look in his eyes tells me that I must wear a bag myself.”
“Maru, you do good work.”
“What a trend setter you are, Maru!

So, will we all be wearing branded paper bags this spring? You’ll have to tune in to the next Maru video to see if someone lets the cat out of the bag! (Bad pun. Sorry. Not sorry.)

But seriously, we love you, Maru. Never stop being so fabulous.

Featured image: YouTube – mugumogu
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