These days, there are so many photo editing software packages that are so easy to use, touching up photos has become such a common thing, especially among people who frequently upload pictures on social media platforms. Photo editing apps for smartphones and tablets make beauty enhancement processes a piece of cake, something that can be done on the go with just a few swipes and taps on your gadget.

However, every once in a while, we spot some photo editing slips that reveal traces of where a photo has been tweaked, such as overly air-brushed skin, disproportionate body parts, or distorted areas in the image. One particular photo of a model posing next to a dog has been the source of speculation on Weibo recently. Could this be a Photoshop disaster? Check out the image after the break!

▼ This photo went viral on Weibo. Do you think it looks weird somewhere?


There’s no doubt that the intended star of the photo is the beautiful model on the left, but what caught the attention of netizens was the canine model on the right. While some Weibo users were speculating over whether that was a real poodle or a new breed of dwarf alpacas (hey, maybe it’s a mini wookie), some internet shopping savvy netizens were quick to point out that the photo was probably doctored to make the model’s legs look longer, but whoever edited the photo neglected the relative size of the dog. The uneven distance between the horizontal railings just make things look all the more suspicious!

They must have lengthened those parts! That’s what many online shopping vendors do to make their products and models look more attractive, don’t they? Air-brush the skin, lengthen the legs, enhance the bust size, chisel the chin, enlarge the eyes… oh we could go on all day.

▼ Assuming that the speculations were spot on and they did give the model’s legs a little stretch, this would probably be how the “original” looks like… right?


Wait a minute, something still doesn’t look quite right…

As the image spread across the Chinese social sharing site, the cyber detectives on Weibo got to work and found the whole set of photos with great efficiency, and the Weibo users were hit with a second surprise. That dog is real!



Tell someone who isn’t familiar with dogs to imagine what a poodle looks like, and the first image that comes to mind is probably a toy poodle, which is a small to medium-sized dog with fuzzy fur sometimes trimmed strategically so that it looks as if it had a regal perm and poofy socks. But it turns out poodles come in many different sizes!


Well, at least the case is closed for now. We don’t know for sure if the image was enhanced in one way or another, but at least we know for sure that they didn’t simply stretch the model’s leg section. The dog is real, and so are this young woman’s long slender legs!


Source: Weibo via Zhaizhai News
Images: Weibo, Zhaizhai News, Poodlian Blog