IKEA is the go-to place for anyone looking to furnish their home on a budget, while keeping it stylish and homogeneous. And they don’t just cater to humans anymore!

Okay, so it isn’t technically made for cats, but towards the end of last year a certain IKEA product became the talk of the interwebs when pet owners discovered that it doubled as the perfect cat bed. Of course the idea originated with Japanese cat owners, who are suckers for cutesy items with which to spoil their furry friends.

The product in question is the DUKTIG doll’s bed which costs 2,299 yen (US$25), and is just the right size for your furball to curl up on. Add a comfy blanket and it might just be their new favourite spot to sleep the day away in, so they’ll be nice and awake to keep you up all night long.

Even more cat owners have been picking up the tiny wooden beds for their little buddies recently, and, fortunately for us, they’ve been documenting their pets’ fondness for them in photos. Enjoy!

▼Does the bed come with kitty included? Please?

▼Big enough for two!

▼Yeah, that’s how I feel about assembling IKEA furniture, too.

▼This pudgy kitty might have been better off with a human-sized bed.

▼Yours to put together for just 2,299 yen.


▼Being used for what it’s actually supposed to be used for.



The DUKTIG (I wonder what that means…) may technically be supposed to be for dolls, but who’d disagree that it looks better occupied by a cat? Certainly not us!

Source: Twitter
Top Image: @23_fusafusa on Twitter
Images: Twitter, IKEA