Japanese women have been nomming on collagen for quite a while now. Collagen is the main structural protein of the various connective tissues of animals, and advocates believe that chowing down on plenty of the stuff leads to beautiful skin. This belief is so pervasive in Japan that store shelves are practically groaning under the weight of products with added collagen.

Dumping spoonfuls of the powdered stuff into our protein shakes and slurping down hotpots with balls of the stuff floating in isn’t enough, though! Now we can get drunk AND beautiful at the same time with this new collagen-infused happoshu beer from Suntory!

The new beverage, dubbed “Precious”, was announced by Suntory on April 7, and is said to be a light beer product aimed towards the female market. It contains 2 grams of collagen per can, and has a 5% alcohol strength. Hmm, sounds good! So where can I get some? Well, it turns out I’m out of luck, because the beer is only going to be sold in Hokkaido for the time being.

So, that’s kind of a bummer, but hopefully if the product sells well in Hokkaido they’ll start rolling it out across the rest of Japan, too. I for one like getting a little extra for my money, so if I can get tipsy and do something good for my skin at the same time, then consider me sold!

Here’s the official commercial for the new product, featuring model Anne Nakamura. Perhaps if we slurp down enough of these beers, we can be that pretty, too? We had to laugh at the guy in the commercial, comedian Ken Watabe (No, not Ken Watanabe!) who seems to be crashing their girly party and pushing the beer pretty hard. “Guys can tell if a girl’s taking collagen or not!” he claims. Suuuuure.

But just in case that’s true, I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled for the collagen-infused beer. Hey, it couldn’t hurt…

Source: Sapporo Keizai Biz
Image: Screenshot via YouTube (Oricon News)