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I’m sure we’ve all been caught in the moment at some point in our lives and acted without considering the possible consequences. Still, I’d like to think that even the most impulsive of us – as we find ourselves clambering over a 10-foot fence and checking to see how close the cars travelling at upwards of 150 miles per hour are – wouldn’t risk running across a stretch of race track during a Formula One practice race like this man in China did earlier today.

Described in reports as a “fan” of the motor sport, the unnamed, and possibly mentally unstable, man scaled a security fence and ran across the track during practice for the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai today.

When he reached the far side, he pulled himself over the barrier and entered the pit lane before attempting to gain entry to the Ferrari garage. According to report from the Telegraph, bystanders said that the man was seen waving a ticket and shouting something along the lines of “I want a car, I’ve got a ticket”.

The man is now in police custody.

Viewed from this angle and with the video slowed down, it can be difficult to judge just how much danger this man was actually in. To get an idea of just how quickly these cars are travelling, check out the comparison video below, which shows GT and F1 cars zipping along an identical stretch of track. GT is of course far faster than anyone should ever drive on a public roadway, but compared the speed of the F1 cars on the right – the same kind the Chinese fan decided to jog out in front of earlier today – they’re positively crawling.

Scary stuff indeed.

Source: BBC Sport, The Telegraph 
Screenshot: YouTube appelgamingin