You know how some guys who are anime or game fanatics like to refer to their favorite characters as their waifu? Well, things just got real.

The creators of an erotic game, Golden Marriage Jewel Days, ran a promotional campaign that gave their fans a chance to win life-sized cardboard standees of their favorite in-game heroines, in exchange for photos of their lives as “newlyweds”. Check out the lucky winners and their 2-D blushing brides after the break!


As its title suggests, Golden Marriage Jewel Days is a dating simulation game that revolves around the theme of marriage. The game features six adorable heroine characters, all of which the player has a chance at falling in love and tying the knot with. To hype things up, the creators of the game rolled out a “Sweet Newlywed Life Campaign” encouraging fans to experience an actual “newlywed” life with their favorite female lead.

▼ The six lovely brides: (left to right) Rei Amaya, Yukariko Kasugano, Marika Von Wittelsbach, Ruri Simakage, Kasumi Tange, Tohko Ichijoji

The concept of the campaign was simple. The makers would present six lucky winners with live-sized cardboard standees of their chosen character (one winner per character), and the winners would in turn have to send photo evidence of themselves enjoying their newlywed lives with their 2-D brides. Registrations were closed in February, the standees were sent out, and here are the blissful fans with their Golden Marriage spouses!

▼ Flower-viewing with Tohko


▼ Enjoying the scenic view by the Tokyo Gate Bridge…


▼ …followed by a date at Tokyo Tower


▼ Getting lectured by Ruri because she found his collection of erotic games and tapestry


▼ The caring Ruri served him a cup of tea while he was working. How sweet of her!




▼ Honeymoon hot spring vacation with Rei


▼ Taking a rest in the onsen inn


▼ Having a moonlit drink with Rei


▼ Snapping a selfie at the newly opened Iiyama Shinkansen station


▼ Marika looks excited to be going for a drive


▼ What a view!


▼ Having their wedding ceremony at Tokyo University


▼ Apparently things got steamy on their wedding night.


▼ They also visited a shrine to wish for the safety of their family


From romantic dinners to family prayers to kabe-don, it’s interesting and realistic how these six couples captured totally different aspects of their newlywed lives. It must have taken quite a bit of courage to pose with a cardboard standee of an erotic game character in public places! However, it also looks to have been worth the effort because they all seemed to enjoy their inter-dimensional marriage experience!

Would you have the guts to take a standee of your favorite character out on a date? Tell us about your dream date in the comments section below!

Source: Ensemble Game via Zhaizhai News
Images: Ensemble Game