There’s a new health trend that has been sweeping through bathtubs across Japan since last fall: half-body bathing. Really, all it consists of is filling your bathtub up half-way with hot water, then only soaking your legs and hips for 20-30 minutes. Apparently, it’s supposed to raise your core temperature more than a normal bath, allowing more stress release, detoxing, and pore opening, plus is said to jumpstart your metabolism and blood circulation.

A lot of people have been taking their half-body baths to the next level by trying crazy new versions of half-body bathing. Others have even been utilizing their free upper-bodies to test out their revving metabolisms. Prepare yourself to see things you never expected to see in a bathtub! 

One would think that half-body bathing is pretty straight-forward, however some people find the concept difficult to grasp, asking, “Which half of my body do I soak? The right? The left?” So, just to be sure that we’re all on the same page, this what it should look like:

▼ There’s no harm in straightening your legs out if you have a longer tub though.


Not everyone executed the half-body bath the same way and some people have managed pretty incredible body positions!

▼ When asking about half-body baths, this girl got an odd pictorial description from her friend (notice the bleeding mouth).

▼ Hm… technically that’s “half-body,” right?

▼ There’s no way that this position would allow you to de-stress!

▼ This guy’s combining half-body baths and water conservation.

▼ This is pretty impressive, if not dangerous.

▼ No, the caption doesn’t really help you understand what’s going on here. She says, “I have an audition tomorrow, so I’m taking a half-body bath with a sauna suit on.”

Now, those people who manage to do normal half-body baths have been finding themselves with free upper-bodies and hands. It’s known that some people take their cell phones into the bath to entertain themselves (which just sounds dangerous to us), but sometimes that’s not quite enough to complete the relaxation experience. Plus, they say that staying hydrated while bathing is even better for you…

▼ Starbucks’ Frappucinos count as hydration, right?


▼ Apparently so, because everyone’s drinking them.

▼ At least this person is trying to be healthy by having “drinkable granola” while bathing.

▼ Probiotic milk drinks are really good, but maybe they’re not the best while soaking…

Since the half-body bath is supposed to detox and boost your metabolism, some people have been getting hungry while in the tub, so they’ve started taking snacks with them.

▼ The good things about apples, if you drop them in the water, you won’t make a mess.

▼ Wouldn’t you like to take a bath seasoned with potato snack stick crumbs?

▼ Instant ramen in the bath tub? Is that crazy or genius?

▼ We present the king of multi-tasking: warming his instant curry in the bath water.

▼ This guy brought what he claims is the ideal half-body bath accompaniment, a jar of crushed ginger.

Some of these half-body bath snacks kind of make us think they’re reversing any health benefits they’re getting from the fad bathing technique, but if it’s working for them, so be it.

Half-body bathing isn’t the only way to de-stress in the tub, though. Japanese people have come up with all kinds of home bath remedies, so don’t worry if you want to stick to full-body soaks, because you have plenty of options!

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Images: Kirei Seinaka, TwitPic (@puikofu),