Hammy (1)

Another Monday, another few thousand spins around the old hamster wheel, right? While that sounds terrible, it’s actually pretty cute. At least if you happen to be a real hamster.

What with their plump buttstiny food portions, and under-sized houses, hamsters are easily some of the most adorable animals on the planet, right next to cats and puppies. And thanks to their tiny size, they make great pets too, though you do need to pay special attention to their teeth, ensuring that they don’t grow too long. But while teeth that continuously grow might be a chore to us humans, they’re one of the hamster’s greatest tools, allowing them to chew right through whatever their little hearts desire! Like your favorite stuffed animals…

Letting your hamster run around your room isn’t necessarily a bad idea, as long as you don’t lose (or accidentally squash!) your little buddy. We imagine they like the adventuring and it’s fun to watch them scamper, right? But you definitely need to keep an eye on the little critters, or they might decide to take a bite out of your favorite stuffed animal, as @pokohamu recently discovered.

The Twitter user recently tweeted the photos below along with this message:

An incident in which one of my hamsters chewed through my beloved capybara has occurred. I could cry!

We have to say, this little guy did a seriously good job…

Hammy (5)

Hammy (3)

Hammy (2)

Hammy (4)

Internet users had a good laugh at @pokohamu’s photos, as you might expect. Here’s what they had to say.

“Now it looks like the capybara is laughing, so I think he’s still okay!”
“I thought the capybara was eating the hamster…”
“Cute and strong! Hamsters are so awesome! LOL”
“Nooo! Look what you’ve done, hamster! Well, I guess we’ll forgive you because you’re so cute.”
“I thought the capybara was puking the hamster up.”
“This really shows how much stronger hamsters are than capybara.”
“Wait, wait, wait. How did the hamster get inside to begin with?! Was it…the butt?”
“Hamsters kiss waaaaaaay too deeply.”

Well, we wouldn’t recommend kissing any hamsters on the mouth anytime soon after seeing these photos. But we do highly recommend checking out some of @pokohamu’s other tweets! Here’s a video of one of the Twitter user’s hamsters running on its wheel…a bit too fast.

And here’s a video of the Twitter user feeding another hamster sunflower seeds.

And have you ever wondered how hamsters react to their reflection? Now you can find out!

▼”Here! There’s a hamster in here, but it won’t come out!
Is it in the back? The front? This crevice? Come out, you!”

Finally, here’s a video of “hamujarashi,” a pun on “nekojarashi” or “green foxtail,” a type of grass that cats like to chase (hence the “neko” in “nekojarashi”).

Be sure to check out @pokohamu‘s Twitter feed for a ton of photos and videos! If nothing else, all those adorable little hammies should help you get through yet another Monday. Thanks for spending another week with us here at RocketNews24!

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Images: Twitter (@pokohamu)