Students in the art of needle felting in Japan have created this wearable cat head that’s so realistic it looks like it’s been Photoshopped into these pictures. It’s incredibly impressive, but there’s just something about the realism combined with its huge size that makes it undeniably disconcerting.

This creepily realistic cat head was made from sheep’s wool felt by teacher Housetu Sato and his students of the Japan School of Wool Art (nihonyoumoua-togakuen). It’s the only school in the world to boast a specialist cat-making course where students learn the art of creating realistic-looking “needle felted cats”.

Sato-sensei is an expert in this niche field and has even published a series of books on how to make realistic felt animals. He instructs students from complete beginners onwards in this special art, and below you can see them modelling their impressive but disconcerting creation.

Sato-sensei’s felting art has already received attention for his reproductions of manga artist Fujio Akatsuka’s characters as cat dolls at the “Akatsuka Fujio Tribute Exhibition” held in Tokyo in November 2014. Now the head will be on display along with students’ other works at the Tokyo Museum of Art’s “Heisenkai Choice Exhibition” from Saturday April 18 where you’ll be able to try it on for yourself!

Source: Twitter via Kai-You
Images: TwitterCat Doll Blog