You know how people always say things like “looks are not important”, or “money isn’t everything”? It’s something we’d like to agree with, but isn’t it ironic how some people gain overnight fame and roll in riches just because of their appearances?

Case in point, a 15-year-old girl in China recently hit the headlines on various Asian news websites because of the looks she acquired through plastic surgery. She doesn’t brand herself as a “living Barbie”, but by the looks of it, she has probably earned herself membership into the Real Barbie Army.

Hailing from Zhengzhou City of Henan Province in east-central China, the 15-year-old girl who goes by the name Danae (@李蒽熙Danae) on Weibo rose to Internet fame due to her unsettling, slightly plastic-like appearance.

▼ Before


▼ After



As always, there are people who think positively about plastic surgery, and also people who detest the idea. In Danae’s case, however, there seemed to be more negative comments than positive ones, especially since she has gone under the knife at such a tender age. Her overly-powdered, unnaturally fair face has even led to some netizens calling her a “ghost” or “demon”, but the young woman appears to be unfazed by the bashing comments, saying that “when there is praise there is defamation; the more criticism you get from jealous women, the more good-looking you must be.”






What’s even more shocking than her unnatural features is the extravagant lifestyle she leads. She often posts pictures of herself in hotels and resorts, donning brand-name shoes and accessories, getting new tattoos, and lounging about in revealing outfits. We’re not sure if she has a family background similar to that of Paris Hilton, but this obviously isn’t the kind of teenage years most of us went through!







Needless to say, there are loads of comments criticizing her for showing off, but once again the little miss retorted with a big serving of sass, writing, “Those people bashing me: When you were 15, did you get presented with branded perfumes on a daily basis? Were you chauffeured around in luxury cars? How much of the world have you seen at the age of 15? Did you have 500,000 yuan (US$80,415) of pocket-money to spend every month when you were 15? If you didn’t then shut up, you are in no position to be bashing me. We have to live with the times to survive in today’s society, we can’t afford to be at a disadvantage at the starting line, you understand?”

It seems like the rat race in the world’s most populated country has taken a toll on this young woman, but you gotta admit, she has an attitude that would probably take her places, though we don’t know if she’s aware of the price she’s paying to get there. I mean, even though as a teenager I used to fantasize about leading a glamorous lifestyle, I’m rather happy with the memories of my dorky teenage years now… but that’s just me. What about you?

Source: Apple Daily via Hachima Kikou
Images via Weibo