Look at that face. Just look at it. OK, now for the story.

This cutie is Pakuchi (Cilantro), a kitten adopted from Tokyo Cat Guardian by a foreign resident who noticed her Japanese cat had a very Japanese fondness for rice.

Pakuchi’s human slaveI mean “owner”— posted this photo of him on Reddit cozying up to the rice cooker.


Maybe it was his Japanese DNA or the draw of another “Tiger” in the house, but this guy seems to find the rice cooker completely irresistible.

Naturally, because it’s Reddit, this led to many jokes about the various nationalities of commenters’ cats.

“My Canadian cat loves to sit outside and smell the freshly tapped maple trees.”
“My American cat likes to sit around and be an asshole.”
“My British cat likes to sit on my lap when I have tea or coffee.”
“My Hawaiian cats go bonkers for nori and rice.”
“I have no evidence but I suspect my Russian cat is breaking into my liquor cabinet and topping off what he drinks with water.”

Pakuchi is still a kitten, so I’m sure he’s still learning, but next we want to see a picture of him nomming his rice with expert chopstick skills!

H/T: Laba Q
Image: Reddit