It’s been almost a month since we witnessed the “Extreme Swiss Otaku” breaking the Internet. If you thought his last crazy “Poi! Poi! Poi!” antics of plastering a men’s restroom with posters of Yudachi Kai Ni from Kantai Collection was nuts, just wait until you see his latest tomfoolery.

The self-proclaimed geek from Switzerland, known by his Twitter handle @meidocafe, only made his big break in March but he already has quite the fan base with nearly 7,000 followers on Twitter. What keeps bringing the netizens back for more are his wacky posts, which often involve cosplaying and awkward positions. Although they can be nearly cringeworthy at times, they are nonetheless entertaining.

His most recent foolishness involves another trending topic: Hestia from the anime Danjon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darō ka? (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?), also known as Danmachi. The voluptuous Hestia wears a skimpy white outfit with a curious blue ribbon around her bust and upper arms, leading some Japanese girls to question, “Can a simple ribbon give magical anime-style boob uplift?” Our dear Swiss friend was apparently also curious, so he prepared to do some cheap Hestia cosplay. 

▼ His budget costume involves a shopping bag and some blue ribbon.

[tweet https://twitter.com/Meidocafe/status/586266682609561602 align=center]

He’s a little bit of a tease though, as he hinted to his fans about what’s to come, but then left them hanging, anxiously awaiting the craziness.

▼ “Noms! I’ll post the Hestia cosplay pics in the morning.”

[tweet https://twitter.com/Meidocafe/status/586623427911536640 align=center]

His fans were expecting craziness, and he dished it out and then some. Prepare yourself for the most bizarre thing you’ll see today, and if you’re at work maybe you’ll want to make sure no one’s looking over your shoulder…

▼ Is that the male version of Hestia I see?


▼Why it must be, look at those boobs!


▼ Is that admiration or disdain on his face?


▼ Well now, we probably should have expected this one.


▼ Hestia is not pleased.


▼ Is he turning into (has always been?) an otaku husband?


As much as we love the Extreme Swiss Otaku for his wild and crazy humor, he’s not the only player in the game this time. Another male budget-cosplayer also took to the Internet to display his Hestia-form.

▼ He’s a bit more clothed.

[tweet https://twitter.com/kurokku/status/586265953324945409 align=center]

The Swiss Otaku’s followers loved his Hestia cosplay as much as one would expect. He made it onto RocketNews24 twice in the space of a month, so it’s probably safe to say that you can expect to see more of this crazy guy soon. Stay tuned!

Source: Twitter (@meidocafe, @kurroku)
Images: Twitter (@meidocafe), Flickr (meidocafe)