Every year TIME magazine releases a list of 100 of the world’s most influential people. While 99 of those will be chosen by TIME editors, only one individual will make the list based on the results of an online poll. This year, a total of 158 influential figures were nominated, and the results are finally in! Who did the voters choose? First place ended up as a tie between two unlikely contestants.

TIME’s online poll ran from March 24 until April 10, and allowed voters to pick from a list of 158 individuals who they thought was the most influential person of the year.

All of you K-pop fans out there have probably already been keeping up with the news, as CL – a member South Korea’s all-female pop group 2NE1 – held on strong at the top of the list. That is, until Russian president Vladmir Putin swooped in unexpectedly and worked his way to the top.


According to the official poll, both Putin and CL are tied with 6.9 percent of the votes. Lady Gaga followed behind, coming in third place with 2.6 percent. Rihanna came in fourth with 1.9 percent, and Taylor Swift and Emma Watson have tied for fifth with 1.8 percent.

CL is only the third Korean to be nominated for TIME’s list, after singer-songwriter and actor Rain, and “Gangnam Style”‘s very own Psy. CL is also reportedly preparing to break into the foreign scene with her US debut. Seeing as she already has quite a following (and some undeniable talent!), that shouldn’t be too hard for her to do.

Source: Chuo Nippo via Hamusoku, Time
Images: Wikipedia (Diệu Linh, modified by RocketNews24