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Not that Western cheerleading really has all that much to do with football or anything, and – last I checked – baseball in the US didn’t even have cheerleaders at all, but the logic goes that cheerleaders are there to get the crowd pumped up and into the competitive spirit. At least on paper, anyway.

In Taiwan, on the other hand, the cheerleaders at baseball games just kind of dance around in skimpy outfits like booth babes that got lost on their way to the auto show or something. It almost looks like they’re doing the exact opposite of what cheerleading is (ostensibly) all about, actually diverting spectators’ attention away from the game and pretty much guaranteeing that the men in the audience will need to remain seated (that’s a boner joke, you guys).

We’ve already seen before that Taiwan appears to have trouble separating sex and sports, with sexually charged pre-game and halftime shows that – at least sometimes – feature PG-13 stripping, some amount of dry humping, blindfolds and all sorts of other wacky spectacle that looks like an outtake from Major League.

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But now our delinquent friends over at Japan’s own dark corner of the Internet, 2chan, have compiled some more video for us to ogle; this time capturing Taiwan’s sideline cheerleaders during a handful of baseball games. Watching the videos, one can see that, in lieu of actually, you know, leading a cheer, the cheerleaders at Taiwanese baseball games just kind of dance around and do a couple of sexy poses while presumably a game involving some manner of athletics goes on behind them.

It’s not entirely clear when Taiwan’s baseball games started getting these sexy cheerleaders, but it looks like many of the girls are minor celebrities in their own right, apparently drawing at least some fans that are there specifically to see them and are maybe only vaguely aware that there’s baseball happening, too. Side note: I’m only ever vaguely aware of baseball happening when I go to games too, but this is primarily for separate, alcohol-related reasons.

Of course, I’m not exactly complaining here. As red-blooded, heterosexual men, we’re all about boobs and legs and sexy dancing in baseball, in addition to chopping lumber and greasing our luxurious beards with a paste made of motor oil, sawdust and the blood of a guy we knocked out in our underground bare-knuckle boxing league…

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Source: Kininaru Sokuhou
Photos captured from YouTube