As we all know, the internet is basically powered by pictures of cute and adorable animals. Whether it’s yawning otters, play-fighting pandas, or big, fuzzy kitties, none of us can resist the allure of a good dose of cute.

But did you ever stop to think about all of that cuteness that’s just lurking beneath the surface of the ocean? This week, we learned that sea squirts are pretty adorable, and they even have tiny faces that look like they’re smiling or in the middle of a sing-song!

The following Twitpic showing baby sea squirts caused waves (heh, heh) on Twitter due to the undeniable cute factor of those tiny, beaming faces!

Sea Squirts, officially known as Tunicates, look very different (and much less cute) in their adult form, and actually vary quite a bit between different varieties.

▼ Here’s what the sea squirts look like all grown up (on right)

▼ The little squirtlets reminded some people of a shoal of baby Ponyos:

▼ Others were inspired to come up with their own emoji to capture the spirit of the squirtlets:

▼ How sweet are their little open mouths?

▼ So sweet!

Given how good Japan is at turning pretty much anything into an amusing kyara mascot (beans, fried eggs, pears, etc) we’re really hoping that one day a sea squirt character shows up. We’d love to have a bunch of these babies hanging from our cellphones and keys. Make it happen, Japan!

Source: Itai News
Main Image: Twitter @hosoi