unbeliavable 06

Do you serenade your loved one by comparing them to a coffee table? Do you imagine being together forever like a cable car and its cable?

Then chances are you’re Chen Tianwen, the Singaporean actor who’s the star in the music video Unbelievable. The video is going viral, and if you haven’t seen it yet, now’s your chance. It’s truly something that needs to be seen… to be un-believed.

The music video Unbelievable was produced for the Singaporean sitcom Spouse for House, as a flashback to explain why a character says “unnnnnnbelievable” all the time. While the sitcom itself has some funny moments, it can’t compare to the hilarious monster of a music video that it inadvertently gave birth to.

You definitely need to watch it right now:

▼ It starts off innocently enough, but then….

unbelievable 01

▼ Oh yes. We are in for something special.

unbeliavable 02

▼ Each “un” out of his mouth is like an arrow through my heart.

unbelievable 03

▼ With a pose like that, I’ll happily be a coffee stain on your sofa.

unbeliavable 04

▼ I… I just lost it at this point.

unbeliavable 05

▼ Yes, this is an accurate description of the viewers of this video.

unbeliavable 06

The above screenshots give a taste of what the video is like, but it is really something that needs to be watched to be fully experienced. The intentionally awful dubbing, the wig that’s about to fall off at any second, and of course Chen Tianwen’s dance moves that will have you melting in your seat.

According to an interview with the creator of this masterpiece, Wang Guoshen, Unbelievable was inspired by ’70s Hokkien (dialect of Chinese) karaoke songs. They specifically identify the song Maili by Huang Qing Yuan, and watching the video it’s not hard to make the connection at all:

I’d just like to take this time to personally thank Mr. Guoshen and Mr. Tianwen for creating and singing this monumental achievement. You will forever be remembered every time we see the following image posted all over the internet in forums and on social media for years to come:

unbeliavable 06

Source: Facebook, mothership.sg
Featured/insert images: YouTube – MediaCorp Channel 5