We know how much you love reading about super-hot women in their forties who look like they’re in their twenties despite being busy mothers, or in some cases even grandmothers. So we thought you’d be interested in hearing about Japanese singer Chisato Moritaka, who is just as beautiful today at the age of 46 as she was way back in 1986 when she became the poster girl for the Pocari Sweat electrolyte drink.

But what’s her secret?

Chisato Moritaka was a popular singer in the 80s and 90s and was known for composing her own songs and playing some of her own instruments (a pretty rare thing for a Japanese pop songstress in those days.) She went on a long hiatus after that, although she still held a special place in the hearts of many, who will be happy to see her back in this commercial for Asahi’s low-purine beer. (Purines break down into uric acid and can be a cause of gout, so a few less purines in your beer is probably a good thing.) Check out the commercial below to see the beautiful singer in action!

We think you’ll agree that she looks incredibly good for a 46-year-old lady with two kids. But here she is back at the start of her career, inspiring people all across Japan to start glugging down Pocari Sweat like it’s going out of fashion:

In fact, she was in a lot of commercials in her youth, such as this one for ANA promoting tourism to Okinawa:

And now things have come full-circle, as she’s back promoting Pocari Sweat again!

Pocari Sweat is an electrolyte-replacing drink which many people swear by for keeping hydrated and energetic. Now, we can’t say for certain whether being the poster girl for Pocari Sweat back in her youth is the cause of Moritaka’s ongoing vitality and beauty, but just in case, it might be worth stocking up on a couple of bottles…

Source: AoL News Japan
Main Image: Screenshot via YouTube