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The logic behind single-gender schools is keep the pupils focused on their studies, and not the growing allure the opposite sex holds for them. Of course, it’s not so easy to make the adolescent male mind forget about the female form. As we’ve seen before, in the absence of real girls, sometimes boys will start making their own, maybe even out of thin air.

Like some other schools in Japan, Kyoto’s St. Viator Rakusei is a combined junior and senior high school. But while you’ll find kids ranging in age from 13 to 18 years old in its halls, you won’t find a single girl, as Rakusei has been an all-boys school since the founding of its junior high program in 1952 (the all-boys high school was added when the inaugural class graduated from middle school in 1955).

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The school’s motto is “Challenging the future,” which is admittedly a far more appropriate goal for an educational institute to be recommending to its young charges than “Thinking about breasts.” Still, there’s only so much studying you can expect teenage dudes to do before their minds start to wander. Perhaps, having reached the limits of their attention spans, the kids turn their eyes to the classroom windows. But instead of gazing off into the world outside, they focus on the curtains. The soft, inviting curtains made of delicate sky blue fabric…and they see a bra.

Faced with an overwhelming need for female companionship, the boys of Rakusei did the best they could, tying up the drapes in the shape of a translucent bra, which when buffeted by the wind seemed to be cupping a gigantic pair of invisible breasts.

▼ Which then nested atop this kid’s head

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“Rakusei is still a boys school, just like every day,” quipped Twitter user Bn_Simon, proving that in the end, nature always finds a (pervy) way.

▼ Although now we’re left wondering how these guys satisfy their panty fetishes.

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Source: Wadai no Gazou ga Wakaru Site
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