Wouldn’t it be nice if you could figure out someone’s personality type without actually sitting down and, you know, getting to know them? Who has that kind of time nowadays? Think of how much less small talk you’d have to go through if you could instantly know the personality of that cute guy over there just by asking his name. Momotaro? No, thank you. Ken? I’m interested.

An interesting chart from a magazine surfaced via Twitter the other day. It describes personality types based on the first sound of your name. It’s geared toward Japanese names, but it may work for non-Japanese names too.

The chart originated in Pre-mo, a pregnancy and new mom guidebook, which, given the topic, has a pretty limited target audience. Finding this masterful chart in the magazine, however, Twitter user @kuryukikaku put it up on the Internet to get it out to the general population as well. Apparently, many people think it’s pretty accurate, because they keep retweeting it.

▼ The font is small and in Japanese, so look below for the English.

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Just a quick refresher on Japanese, there are 46 base characters. The vowels are a (ah), i (ee), u (oo), e (eh), and o (oh). These five sounds make up the A (ah) or vowel line. Building on these sounds, there are nine more lines consisting of a consonant plus the vowels. For example, the “K” line would be ka, ki, ku, ke, ko.

To make things a bit more complicated, some consonants have a subcategory for when you add a tenten, two little marks on the upper right side of the character. The dots make the consonants into a different sound. So, for example, going back the “K” line, add the tenten and Ks become hard Gs, so it would go from か (ka) to が (ga), き (ki) to ぎ (gi) and so on. With tenten, the S line becomes Z (or J) sounds, T becomes D, and H becomes B. Finally, H also has a maru or a small circle in place of the tenten, which turns it into a P sound.

▼ It’s kind of confusing, so try this chart.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 15.31.51

Anyway, back to personality checking. The chart differentiates personalities based on the first sound of your name. So, if your name starts with a vowel, you’ll find your personality in the vowel group. If your name starts with a K, look at the K group. However, you also look in the K group if your name starts with G. Thus, the confusing explanation above. Also, remember to think phonetically.

Let’s get to it then.


Vowels (a, i, u, e, o)


Vowels are the backbone of the language, so they’re powerful. You find your own way and tend do things that most people wouldn’t take on alone, independently.

K line/G line (ka, ki, ku, ke, ko/ ga, gi, gu, ge, go)


You compete, you win, you conquer, yet, you’re still really good at collaborating with others. You always keep your eye on the target.

S line/Z line (sa, shi, su, se, so/ za, ji, zu, ze, zo) *Also, names that start with a J-sound (Josh, Jon, etc)


S sounds are soft and swift, yet precise, just like you. However, the Z (and J) named people can be rough, but generous.

T line/D line (ta, chi, tsu, te, to / da, ji, zu, de, do)


You have strong morals and you do things energetically, so you’re able to get things done. You give off the image of accomplishment.

N line (na, ni, nu, ne, no)


You tend to be cozy, snuggly, and carefree. You know how to relax and you have a big, warm heart.

H line/B line/P line (ha, hi, fu, he, ho/ ba, bi, bu, be, bo) *F-sound names also look under H


People with H names are warm and gentle, but very flexible. On the other hand, people with B names are more active and have a fighting spirit.

M line (ma, mi, mu, me, mo)


In many places around the world, the name for mothers is often some form of “mama.” This means M named people are able to wrap others up in kindness and are accepting and hearty, just like a mother.

Y line (ya, yu, yo)


You are a gentle, flexible, and stable person. You give off the feeling of “evening,” “tranquility,”  and “melancholy.”

R line (ra, ri, ru, re, ro) *names, look here.


You have strong morals, make clear distinctions and follow rules. You do things methodically and with purpose.

Wa line (wa)

Orderly/Understands Everything

“Wa” can mean “peace” or “circular” in Japanese. You are sincere, able to make connections, and are a good leader.

Just a quick disclaimer, RocketNews24 does not stand by the validity of any of these descriptions. Especially for non-Japanese names, any accuracy this chart may have could very well be washed down the drain. On the other hand, it could be dead-on every time. You tell us!

We are also interested to know how this chart compares in accuracy to Japan’s favorite personality test: blood types. One benefit of the name chart is that with blood types you usually have to talk to them first to find out if they’re A, B, O or AB, before you can start judging them. With this chart, however, you can just look at their name tag and be set.

Source: Pre-mo via Twitter (@kuryukikaku) via BUZZmag
Images: Twitter (@kuryukikaku), RocketNews24