Think about the last time you had a nice big bowl of lubricant for breakfast. Could the taste have been a little better? Was the texture not smooth enough going down?

Well you’re in luck! The Japanese lubricant company Pepee just recently released “Pepee Gelee,” packets of “magic powder” that you can put in any liquid – from water to juice to alcohol – and transform it into lubricant. What you do with it after that is up to you: you could share it with a friend, spread it over a ground sheet for some slip-slidin’ action, or simply enjoy a nice dinner for one.

Pepee, the company that created Pepee Gelee, advertises it as “lotion,” but just a quick look at their website shows that it and everything else they sell is actually lubricant.

Just in case it wasn’t clear from the FAQ explaining how their products can be used in the bedroom and help increase “skinship” between couples, the pictures explaining how to use Pepee Gelee get the point across pretty quickly:

▼ Step 1: Maybe she just really likes lotion?
Step 2: Uh, what are you doing?
Step 3: Oh, that’s what it was for! Yes, that’s definitely not lotion. Or work-computer appropriate, sorry!


Pepee decided to release their product with a hilariously confusing video giving a mock (and this time safe-for-work!) demonstration. The first half is in English, and you can view it here (translations of later scenes below):

▼ It starts off with a guy explaining how Pepee Gelee is a “lotion revolution.” He makes some “third generation lotion” joke that gets huge approval from the laughtrack but goes way over my head.


▼ Then we get Takuya Cholesterol (yes that’s his name), the CEO of Cholesterol Inc. to introduce Pepee Gelee to us.


▼ He explains that using it makes “putting rod-shaped objects into your mouth easier.” Of course I can only assume he’s referring to endoscopies.


▼ He shows all the different flavors of lubricant you can make with the powder. First he mixes it with orange juice…


▼ Then beer…


▼ And then a “mysterious white liquid” that he mixes with the powder and pours on his hand.


▼ And then hungrily devours. Uh, yum?


As to be expected with a product like this, Japanese netizens had lots to say about the product:

“This will be perfect for thickening up my curry!”
“Isn’t this just potato starch?”
“Playing with your food? That’s nasty.”
“They’ve had edible lubricant out for a while now.”
“I can’t wait to try it in Oolong tea and soda!”
“They should’ve just called it ‘Put on Your Pepee-roni.'”

So the next time your watery chili or runny eggs need some loving to get thickened up, all you’ll have to do is reach for your handy packet of Pepee Gelee. It makes cooking a pleasure!

Source: Pepee via Hachima Kiko
Featured/top image: Pepee (Edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: Pepee (Edited by RocketNews24), YouTube – ペペローション