Despite being slimy and smelly and stringy, fermented soybeans, or natto, are actually really good for you. We’ve spoken before about how even lots of Japanese people have to resort to special measures in order to stomach swallowing down a bowl of these stinky beans. So it’s no surprise that these US kids have such a hard time when they were presented with a bowl of natto for the first time.

“What is this, spider eggs?” gasps one horrified kid as the beans are set in front of him. “Beans and…caramel!” squeaks one girl excitedly upon catching sight of the gloopy mess. (Oh, poor thing…) “It smells like paint… and puke,” decides another kid.

▼ Now for the moment of truth…

▼ … just as soon as they can figure out how they’re supposed to eat the stuff.

▼ So, what’s the verdict? Watch the video to find out! (Warning – some gagging and spitting is involved…)

▼ And here’s a bonus video of kids trying the slightly-more-palatable bean treat tofu for the first time!

Well, that was pretty much what we were expecting! Have you ever tried natto? How far from the kids’ first experience was your own?

Images: Screenshots via YouTube – REACT