Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun!

What are we talking about? McDonald’s Big Mac, of course! We’re assuming you’re familiar with McDonald’s – after all, they are the biggest fast food franchise in the world, but do you know the Big Mac Song? These Korean fans know it at the back of their hands and are jazzing things up with some eye-popping renditions as they take part in McDonald’s Korea’s third season of their ever-popular Big Mac Song Competition.

The Big Mac Song made its debut in an advertising campaign in the United States back in 1974. That’s long before I was born, so I have no idea how big of a campaign that was, but I suppose it must have been quite a successful one since 40 years down the road, people are still belting it out!

Just like how there are different menus in McDonald’s outlets in different countries, the Big Mac Song, is localized to different languages so that people from all over the globe can chant about what makes up the fast food giant’s iconic big burger. I remember memorizing the words for both the English and Chinese versions when McDonald’s Singapore ran a promotional campaign with it when I was a kid.

▼ Apparently this is how it looked like a long time ago, kids.

In 2012, McDonald’s Korea dished out a localized Korean version in a branding campaign with an element of competition, encouraging regular people to upload videos of themselves singing the jingle for a chance to become a TV commercial star. The campaign effectively boosted the chain’s image and sales as the innovative campaign became a hot topic throughout the nation, and a total of 13,000 entries were made.

▼ And this was the winning entry.

In 2013, the fast food chain brought back the campaign, once again to great success, this time seeing up to 40,000 entries joining the competition. Now in its third run, the Big Mac Song Competition remains incredibly popular among McDonald’s lovers in Korea, and thousands of fans of all ages are working their creative juices and raising the bar in a shot at national stardom. Check out some of this year’s entries!

▼ We couldn’t help but be distracted by the tags dangling from some of their bikinis… were they intending to return them?!

▼ Chin aliens love Big Macs too.

▼ Cool moves! But they’d look way better in a Coca-Cola campaign, don’t you think?

▼ Fries of the Planet of the Apes

▼ Dude just wants to be in the spotlight.

▼ Kicking things up with some traditional beauties!

▼ Now we know what to say in such situations…

▼ This one definitely tilts some heads.

▼ Nice brows.

Some are dramatic, some are musical, and some are simply beyond us. There are so many styles and renditions, if you watched everything on mute, you probably wouldn’t think that they’re all saying the same thing! That’s perhaps the other fun perspective of the campaign that got people hooked, apart from the chance to be on TV and the once in a blue moon opportunity to openly confess their love for the Big Mac burger.

Obviously we couldn’t show you all the entries, so if this sort of stuff is right up your alley, head over to the campaign page or McDonald’s Korea’s YouTube channel to view the other videos!

Source: McDonald’s Korea via Zhaizhai News
Top image: YouTube