Did you ever hear stories about people in horribly embarrassing or awkward situations and thank whatever deity you believe in that it didn’t happen to you? Well you can say your thanks again that you weren’t the man who had to be taken to the hospital for injuries sustained after the toilet he decided to stand on as he… did his business… collapsed underneath him.

The incident happened in a bathroom at Hefei Xinquiao International Airport in Anhui Province, China, the morning of April 16. The injured man reported he was, for some reason, squatting on top of the toilet, taking a poo, when the toilet collapsed. The toilet apparently became unsteady and tipped over, breaking apart when it fell.

The traveler was taken to the hospital and treated for the injuries he sustained to his buttocks.


While studies show that relieving your bowels in the squatting position is actually better for you (squat-style toilets can even be found in some eastern countries, including China and Japan), you might want to learn a lesson from this man and refrain from trying to squat atop toilets meant for sitting.


After all, you wouldn’t want to become the butt of all toilet-humor now, now would you?

Source: Yahoo!Japan News via Toychan Net
Images: Ifeng Talk via Toychan Net