What better way to start the week than with a dose of everyone’s favourite rotund cat, Maru? Check out the video below to kickstart your Monday with a show of incredible feline poise and grace.

There’s probably no time I envy cats more than when I’m dragging myself out of bed and pouring coffee down my throat on a Monday morning. My own little furball will be curled up on the sofa fast asleep after a busy night of running up and down the stairs and jumping on my face, resulting in sub-par levels of sleep for both of us. The difference being that kitty gets to spend the day making up for it, whereas I have to keep my eyes open and my yawns surreptitious in order to bring in the cold hard cash to feed her.

But it’s impossible to resent something so cute, so the best thing is to just try to live vicariously through them; watching a cat enjoy their catnap is soothing in its own special way. They’re always in some kind of ridiculously adorable position, whether they’re stretched out gracefully or curled into a tight little ball. Or slumped down with their legs spreadeagle like a drunken salary man on the last train home. Enjoy the view!

“Maru sleeps on the sofa.”

▼What an attractive position, Maru!


▼We know that this is just what you want to see first thing on a Monday morning.


▼It’s a hard life being a celebri-cat.


▼From this angle it’s actually a really cute pose.


▼”Ready for my close-up.”


▼I have a feeling his belly would make a great pillow… No, must resist the temptation to sleep!


We hope all of our dear RocketNews24 readers have a wonderful week!

Source: YouTube via Curazy
Screenshots: YouTube- Mugumogu