A Twitter user recently reported their pet dog as being overly pleased about its acquisition of a new pee pad. The shiba inu was reportedly swaggering around the toilet-device and looking “a little too full of itself” according to witnesses.

Although pee pads have existed for quite some time now, they’re a new concept to this particular shiba inu who couldn’t be prouder of its new status symbol.

As the dog’s owner tweeted out photos of the boastful pup, users couldn’t help but enable its misguided hubris.

“That dog’s got looks to spare.”
“I wanna draw eyebrows on it!”
“F***ing cool!”

There were also comparison to “doge,” the internet phenomenon that broke out a few months ago. Rumors from sources close to this dog say that it looks down on doge saying “that mutt is probably still out marking trees while I got all the territory I need right here. Now run tell that in several disjointed collocations.”

It’s uncertain how this shiba inu will react upon learning that this pee pad is a run-of-mill product that can be found anywhere. Some suspect it is already catching on.

Then again perhaps it already knows but doesn’t care. That pee pad belongs to it and that’s all that matters. I think we can all learn a lesson from this. Don’t stress out about how other people see your belongings. If you treat them like something special then other people will too. Isn’t that right?

Well, it works for toilets at least.

Source: Twitter via Hamusoku (Japanese)