Everyone loves a good themed Instagram account. Especially when the subject matter is both simple and intriguing. It doesn’t hurt when the photographer has a great eye for framing a shot, either. And if you throw a hint of cuteness in there, you’re practically guaranteed followers.

Take Instagram user halno‘s account, which features a plethora of beautiful shots of himself and friends leaping gleefully into the air with a broomstick jammed between their knees. This “Japanese Harry Potter” has over 263,000 Instagram followers who can’t get enough of his adorably goofy aerial antics!

Instagram user halno has been uploading the photos of himself jumping on a broom since August 2011, when a photograph of him jumping alongside a car became the “Photo of the Day” on Webstagram. Before that, his Instagram account featured mainly artwork, but after seeing how many people enjoyed the photo of himself appearing to “fly” on a broomstick, he decided to make this the main subject of his undoubtedly beautiful photography.

Let’s check them out, beginning with the picture that started it all:


So, what’s next for halno? Well, as he says on his Instagram account: “I would like to travel all over the world with my broom”. We can’t wait to see more of his travel snaps!

Source: Gamme
Main Image via Instagram – halno