As you may have already guessed, the RocketNews24 office is pretty well stocked with adventurous eaters. Over the years, our staff have chowed down on deep-fried axolotl, chicken ramen ice cream, chocolate noodles, and more, but we’re always up for a new challenge to tantalize our (now mostly deadened) taste buds.

We’re also big sushi fans of course, so when we heard that there’s a new recipe out there for BBQ Bacon Sushi, we immediately started drooling over our keyboards like a bunch of Pavlovian puppies.

In this video from the COOK WITH MEAT YouTube channel, you can learn to make a high-protein and low-carb version of everyone’s favourite sushi rolls, without any raw fish (or, indeed, rice) at all! It’s perfect for meat-lovers, those on a Paleo diet, or just greedy pigs like us who start salivating instantly at the mention of bacon. Or at the mere sight of the acronym “BBQ”.

The recipe includes bacon, minced beef, barbecue rub, Emmental cheese, barbecue sauce, jalapeño peppers, fried onions, and crushed nachos. Let’s watch the video!

Hmm, it sorta reminds us of a California Roll once it’s been coated in the nacho chips and fried onions. We kinda hope that they might start rolling this out across sushi stores here in Japan!

▼ Well, we already have bacon sushi over here…

▼ Mmm, fattening.

Still, this new recipe brings up an interesting debate. Since the very meaning of sushi means “vinegared rice” and this new recipe doesn’t actually include any rice at all, can we still call it sushi? To us, it seems like more of a roulade.

▼ Slurrrrrrrrrp.

What do you think of this meaty creation? Is it sushi, or just a big, delicious roll of meat?

Source: Kotaku Japan
Screenshot via YouTube – COOK WITH MEAT