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In describing the Japanese countryside, you could say it’s tranquil, peaceful, beautiful, or traditional. “Exciting,” though, probably isn’t what you’d call Japan’s farmland, where life pretty much consists of field work during the day and sleep not long after the sun goes down.

Of course, that’s going by human standards. If you’re a dog, rural Japan can be filled with thrills. For example, while most of us would look at the setting of this video and see a vegetable patch, to these three adorable pups it’s an awesome Chinese cabbage buffet!

The short video drops us right into the action, opening with a trio of Shiba Inu pups dashing down into a farm field. It looks like something has awoken their primal hunting instincts, although they have it pretty easy as their prey isn’t mobile.

The three take up positions surrounding their leafy green target, although their coordinated attack loses some of its air of ferocity as they happily wag their cute little tails.

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Honestly, at the risk of hurting their pride, almost everything about these would-be predators is pretty adorable.

There’s even a bit of interesting psychology on display, as the power of suggestion seems to be in full effect. Even though about a half-dozen heads of Chinese cabbage have sprouted, all three of the Shiba Inu decide to go after the exact same one the first arrives at.

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Not only that, one indecisive pooch concludes that his friends seem to have picked the tastier side to chow down on, and wedges himself in between them to get at the what he considers the prime cuts.

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Perhaps the sweetest moment comes when one pup, who’s been doing his best to consume as much Chinese cabbage as possible, notices he’s being filmed and gives the camera a momentary shy, self-conscious look,

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Don’t worry fella, we understand. Sometimes the food tastes so good, you just can’t help yourself.

Source: YouTube via Quiznatic Media Facebook
Images: YouTube