A trip to the dentist isn’t high up on anyone’s list of favourite things to do (unless you have some kind of dentist fetish – I saw it on CSI, it’s a thing), so anything that takes your mind off the unpleasantness that goes on there is welcome. The moment when the chair slowly but inexorably starts to recline is when the fear really kicks in, right before you’re told to say ‘aah’ and your mouth starts being probed like an anus onboard an alien spaceship.

But sometimes there’s some light relief to be found even in a dentist’s office!

One person in Japan undergoing such an ordeal was surprised to find something staring back at him when his head was tipped up to look at the sterile white ceiling: a sweet little blue parrot plushie looked down on him from its position wedged between a beam and an air conditioning unit.

▼“When I was laid back in the dentist’s chair and looked up at the ceiling, there was a budgie trapped up there.”


Netizens’ reactions to the photo were generally bemused, although some of them came across as real wet blankets:

“Did you ask if you could take a photo?”
“That’s for kids.”
“Rescue it!”

“Dentist: ‘It’ll be over before you can count the parrots on the ceiling’.”
“Dentist: ‘Next it’ll be you up there’.”

▼Seriously, how could anyone have a negative reaction to that adorable little face?


What would you like to see on the ceiling when you’re lying back in the dentist’s chair? A happy smiley face? A Where’s Wally scene? Boobs? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: HimaSoku
Images: 2-chan
Top Image: Original image from BLS