ham hole 1

In the tiny apartments of Japan, having a small pet really strikes the balance between companionship and available space. A popular and incredibly cute option is everyone’s favorite rodent, the hamster!

However, even if you are trying to be thrifty, the costs can start to add up. There’s food, the cage, water, toys…the list goes on and on. You definitely want your little guy to be happy, and you try to provide the best, most comfortable home you can. But there’s a chance you’ve already got the perfect bed and resting place for a hamster in your home. Just ask yourself a very simple question. Have you been afflicted with hemorrhoids recently?

If you’ve got a sweet cushion with a hole in it, one normally made for hemorrhoid relief, you’ve got yourself a perfect sleeping habitat for your hamster! A recent tweet from Japanese Twitter user Surume has been making the rounds showing just how perfectly the two go together.

[tweet https://twitter.com/surumemodoki/status/590119301778051073 align=center]

If you were just giving the cushion a quick glance, you wouldn’t think that there was anything amiss with it in the first place. And despite some poking and prodding by Surume, the little guy didn’t want to move at all, which made it super easy to capture the moment in picture form.

[tweet https://twitter.com/surumemodoki/status/590137871203348481 align=center]

How adorable is that? An hour and a half of sweet dozing time later, the little hamster finally decided to make the most of the day and left his sweet hammy hole.

ham hole 2

ham hole 3

ham hole 4

ham hole 5

After such an adorable series of pictures were taken, we can only assume more will start popping up on Twitter and Facebook feeds with a hashtag like #hamsterxhemorrhoids. If you try this at home, one word of caution, make sure you check your cushions for hamsters before you sit down, or else you’ll end up with a whole other situation on your hands.

Source: Togech
Images: Twitter (@surumemodoki)