Some video game and anime fans are happy and satisfied with having just a 2-D waifu to satisfy their romantic fantasies. After all, a waifu would never lament that your salary is too low, or snoop around your messages and emails checking for traces of cheating, and she would always look as hot as when you first met her. Sounds perfect, but then, who is going to inherit yours and your sweet waifu’s genes of awesomeness?

A Chinese cosplay photographer has the best of both dimensions with his waifu Kongou, I mean, his wife who does an adorable cosplay of Kongou, and they have recently been in the spotlight on Weibo due to her pregnant Kongou cosplay shots.

A cosplay photographer, @ivo927-waigame, from Guangzhou of Guangdong Province recently posted photos of his 32-week-pregnant wife cosplaying as Kongou, a popular character from the Japanese online game franchise Kantai Collection. According to his wife Sui Wu Sheng (@歳_无笙), he has been planning for this photo shoot ever since they found out that they were expecting.

It’s not every day that we get to see pregnant women cosplaying, so it’s not surprising that the set of photos received some buzz on Weibo. Many people congratulated the couple on their pregnancy, though there were split views on a certain photo that featured the mum-to-be baring some cleavage and her bump.


▼ She’s barely one month away from bursting out a baby Kongou!




Some thought that it was a cute and novel idea to translate their personal life experience into a character’s, and that they were envious of how well the cosplay-loving couple got along. On the flip-side, some felt that the cosplay was too much both visually and in the fictional sense, and that the photos were “too damaging” to some singletons with fragile hearts.

Well, to be fair there are plenty of expecting women who take photos of their bare tummy to commemorate the moment, and some even pose nude or semi-naked, so we don’t get the big fuss over some cleavage and baby belly. Besides, the cosplayer mother-to-be, who apparently cinched the top title at the 2014 World Cosplay Summit’s Foshan regional qualifiers, is no newbie when it comes to cosplaying in revealing costumes. She’s just going about her usual thing!







▼ Oh we’ve seen those undies before!




▼ Before


▼ Now


It’s cool that they’re continuing with what they’re passionate about, even eight months into pregnancy. With a new addition to the family, they could have so much more fun exploring the possibilities of cosplay!

As for the singletons who got blinded by the glaringly loving photos of preggy Kongou and her teitoku, we have our favorites too so we understand the heartache of seeing your waifu leading a blissful life with another. But as this happy couple have shown us, it is possible to have the best of both dimensions!

Source: Weibo via Game Over
Images: Weibo (1, 2)