Do you ever daydream about what you would do in certain strange situations? Like how you would react to walking into a bank only to find a cat sleeping on an ATM, perhaps?

One Twitter user in Japan did not have to daydream this funny scenario–they lived it. We’re not sure how it came about, but we’re so glad their first reaction was to document it and share it online.

Twitter user @sanjakubou apparently walked into this Daishi Bank in Niigata Prefecture on Monday to find this adorable cat snuggled up and snoozing on top of the ATM touchscreen.

[tweet https://twitter.com/sanjakubou/status/589988354403373056 align=center]

In Japan, ATMs are often found behind automatic sliding doors, so this little kitty somehow managed to either open the door, or sneak in without anyone noticing. Perhaps she was drawn to the warmth of the machine in her endless search for the perfect nap spot.

▼ Maybe she’s a real-life maneki-neko sleeping on the job!


If she’s snoozing though, she probably can’t bring good fortune to customers, like her porcelain counter-parts do by hanging out at businesses and restaurants. Especially if her nap is keeping people from getting to their money!

We’re not sure if @sanjakubou ended up waking the kitty up or if they just moved to a different machine, but we kind of hope they deposited her into their bank account. Balance: ¥300,000 + cat.

Source: Twitter via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter, Wikimedia Commons (Immanuel Giel)


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