Koharu is a sweet Shiba Inu from Japan who loves going for car rides. She even has a special bed in the back seat of the car where she cozies up for the ride. But what happens when her bed gets smaller and smaller each time she hops in the car, ready to go? We’re sure Koharu will squeeze her way into your heart as she tries to squeeze her way into these bitty boxes!

Koharu loves to go for car rides. Here she is in her little box bed, ready to hit the road. As soon as she hops into the car, she goes straight for her box. But, her owner wondered: what would she do if her box got smaller? He decided to experiment and find out!

Well now that’s just about the most adorable thing we’ve seen all day! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

▼Koharu has a victorious look on her face here, as if she’s thinking, “Heh, I can still fit into something this size.”


▼The next one? “Hey, I can still fit my front legs into it!”7

▼And how about that itty-bitty box?8

▼”I’m doing the best I can do!”


▼”This one is the best after all^^”10

What is it with animals and boxes that makes them so irresistible to watch? If you need more Koharu cuteness, be sure to take a look at her YouTube channel!

Source and images: YouTube