Surely nobody can deny that over the years we here at RocketNews24 have been good to those who love pretty ladies, given that we’ve brought you many an article featuring a bevy of beauties. In fact, “cute girls doing things” is practically a meme of its own.

But what about the good-looking men?” we hear you cry. Well, ladies and gentlemen-appreciators, this one’s for you! Meet Christopher Sengseng, the manager of a branch of KFC who’s also a regulation hottie

When the above snap montage of the hunky KFC manager hard at work manning the gravy station hit the interwebs, a bunch of thirsty ladies went on a stalking campaign to find out more about the sizzling fast-food hunk. Unsurprisingly, they quickly located his public Facebook page and began fanning themselves over a variety of selfies he’s uploaded of himself shirtless and smiling gorgeously for the camera. Enjoy!

▼ Check out those wings…

▼ We’re getting a serious craving for some fast food…

Unfortunately (for those who like a touch of sexy with their fries and are still looking for Mr. Right), his Facebook page also reveals that he’s been married since 2005 and is a daddy.

▼ Aww, what a cute family.

Looks like we’re going to have to find someone else to provide us with fast, tasty eats and a fairytale romance. Keep your eyes peeled next time you go to KFC, you may spot something a lot more finger-lickin’ than just chicken…

Source: Genxy via Trending News Portal
Images: GenxyTrending News Portal