Trends come and go, and that applies to almost everything from fashion to food to makeup, and of course, hairstyles. People who don’t own pets might not know, but apparently, there are trends for doggy haircuts as well.

Some “trendy” dog owners and pet groomers in Taiwan have taken to giving their dogs very shapely haircuts so that they look different from the rest. These doggy haircuts are so impeccably done, they’re literally in shape.

These days, many pet owners share photos of their beloved furkids on social media platforms, and pet grooming has become more important than before because obviously, a clean and neat pet is going to get more “likes” than one with messy tangled fur.

Besides, some people on the Internet tend to overreact, so if you’re posting photos of your domestic pet you might want to make sure that they look somewhat decent and clean, lest someone calls you out to the SPCA for depriving your pet of proper grooming. We don’t know how the dog lovers of the world would react to these super shapely pet haircuts, though!









If only humans were fluffy and furry like these canines, people wouldn’t need plastic surgery to change their face shape! This sort of grooming technique probably can only be applied to certain breeds of dogs though, since they’d need to have a lot of fluff to spare around their face.

These avant-garde doggy hairdos would probably be effective in grabbing some attention both online and in real life, if that’s what you’re aiming for. However, just like humans, some of our canine pals can be very sensitive to their haircuts too, so it is probably advisable that you talk things over with your pup before giving them the trim of the moment!

Source/Images: Siam55 via Zhaizhai News